John Rigby

Starting in graphic design and signage production, John Rigby has forged a name for himself in the lettering, sign design, film production prop and set design. John other interest include art painting and car rusteration. No, it is not a typo, just John’s sense of humour when it comes to restoring old rusted cars!

"I decided to be a signwriter at age nine after spending a day watching a man letter a truck in a yard in London. Eight years on and a world away in Australia I became a signwriter and have loved my craft with a passion every day since 1976 when I started to use the brush professionally and to make my way in the world of lettering. My passion for brushwork took me on a journey I still travel today. Learning from master pictorial sign artists I exhibited my own paintings in Sydney in 1981 and I have been exhibiting and painting since. My art career has run parallel to that of Signwriting and graphics production and there hasn't been a time in my entire life when my love affair with the brush has waivered. I love paint and I love the brush " ....John Rigby

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